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Why Vennstance?

At Vennstance, we stand at the crossroads of Venues and Happenstance. We’d all like to believe finding the perfect venue for weddings, corporate parties, and conferences just spring from coincidence, but that’s just not reality. Instead, we have the next best thing. Whether you’re looking for a venue or trying to list your own, Vennstance provides the connecting magic between space and the ideas that fill them.

Listing Space

You’ve got a space fit for the masses, all that’s left to do is connect. Vennstance is the most effective bridge between your space and the people ready to fill it. Vennstance does the leg work by allowing you to list your space to thousands for free.

Finding Space

Space is sacred. It’s often what marks the difference between simply a good event, and a memorable experience. Here at Vennstance, we are all about helping you create a memorable experience whether you’re going for a small get together or a giant conference!