Finding Supplier

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Supply with Simplicity!

The Search Begins!

Finding the perfect supplier for your event, be it a wedding, corporate gathering, or celebration, begins here at Vennstance with a simple search. Vennstance has gathered photographers, florists, decorators, caterers, and virtually any other type of supplier you could need all in one spot!

Dive into Details

Picky when it comes to suppliers? You should be! Once you’ve found a supplier who has piqued your interest, Vennstance supplies you with all the information you could want on them. The area they operate, prices, availability, and photos of their work is all included with each supplier’s profile to make your decision easier. And when it’s time to take the next step to request a visit or contact the vendor personally, the Vennstance portal handles that as well!

We Handle The Hassle!

Once you’ve searched for and found that perfect photographer, skilled florist, or delicious catering company, we’ll also handle all the cumbersome booking details. This includes everything from managing your payment to scheduling. Everything flows through a single channel here on Vennstance, which means less back and forth on your part and more getting ready for your stellar event!
Verified Suppliers
Trusting just anybody off the street to supply your event with crucial services is a surefire way to make sure things go wrong. That’s why Vennstance carefully profiles and tests all our listed suppliers for quality assurance. Finding your supplier here on Vennstance means you can book with confidence.
Ask An Expert
Finding yourself stuck when it comes to planning an event? Whether you’re trying to figure out how to properly decorate for a wedding or how much food to cater for a family reunion, allow Vennstance’s panel of experts to assist you in your journey. Use our ‘Ask a Venue Expert’ feature to ask any question, big or small, and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours!
Launch Your Idea
Vennstance is dedicated to realizing the vision that fuels the great event you’re planning, and selecting professional, high quality suppliers is crucial to that. Connect to our database of qualified suppliers and be one step closer to launching your idea!