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A World of Venues

Find and book your perfect space here on Vennstance! From formal balls, family reunions, and birthday parties, we provide options for virtually any occasion. You preferences are what matter, meaning you’ll have the option to tailor your search based on price range, time slot, and the amount of people you want to host.

Perfect Simplicity

Traditionally, the stressful and chaotic search for a venue was only half the bottle, shortly followed by the hassle of juggling booking, payment, and confirmation. We simplify the process by streamlining the venue search, booking, and payment process all through one portal.

Expert Guidance

Hosting a great event can be a monumental task requiring tons of work, and we believe such a task should not be tackled alone. We’re here to team up with you and help guide you every step of the way.
Verified Spaces
We’re the eyes and ears of your venue search; meaning, we put in the leg work to visit ensure all of our listed venues are safe and uphold themselves to the highest standards for making dream events a reality. Simply put, if we wouldn’t host an event there, then neither should you, so you’ll only find venues we personally trust here at Vennstance.
Ask An Expert
Further questions about finding the perfect space? Will those chairs feel just right? Are there enough outlets and screens available? Ask any question, big or small, and one of our venue experts will get back to you within 24 hours!
Launch Your Idea
A venue should fuel your dream event, not limit it. Whether you’re hoping to occupy a space for days or hours, bring 3 friends or 300, at Vennstance we invite you to dream big as your connect with our database through multiple preference filters.